About Us

Gate Options: Where custom comes standard

Gate Options is a full service automated gate system provider, the premier in the Chicago-land area. We design, install and service every system we sell. We are the source for gates and operators in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our services include new installation, repair service and upgrades to existing gates and systems. And whether it is your home, a gated community or your business in need of added security, Gate Options is able to meet your needs with quality materials and exceed them in expertise. Our staff is trained in proper safety standards and installation for all types of systems.  All gate operator installers at our company are Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers, a nationally recognized certification, through the IDEA, the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation.

We are a family owned business and have been for 33 years. As one of a “family” of local construction companies, we are backed with the equipment, manpower and skill of more than our immediate staff. With all of our businesses working together, we can provide your home or facility with a gate and operating system, perimeter fencing, guardrail, indoor and athletic applications and more.  It’s the most complete security and barrier service to you all in one place.

Let our 33 years of experience lead you to a quality, reliable and customized gate system for your home or business.


1.    Customization
At Gate Options, the only feature that comes “standard” is customization. We know that each customer has unique needs, and each project site brings with it different challenges. We approach every proposal with that attitude.

2.    Attention to Detail
Everything from hinge type to radio controls is selected and installed with consideration for system requirements and aesthetics. Our purpose is to install a gate that will have the look you desire while functioning as it should.

3.    Weatherized Components
Chicago is known for its tough weather, and the deteriorating state of our roadways alone is proof of the toll it can take on outdoor equipment. We weatherize our wiring to prevent the elements from having an impact on the functionality of your gate. We also sell battery backups so that severe storms and power outages do not interrupt service.

4.    Dependable Service
Our technicians respond to and resolve all calls within 24 to 48 hours of the initial call. We also warranty our service labor and any materials installed for up to 90 days after the repair. You can count on Gate Options to be with you every step of the way, though original installation and beyond.

Who we are

Gate Options was created as a division of Peerless Enterprises in 1987 to address the growing need for gate systems in Chicagoland. As a subsidiary of its parent company, Peerless Enterprises, Gate Options offered the expertise needed in a specific industry while being backed by one of the major construction corporations in the area.

We take tremendous pride in the 33 years we’ve had serving our Chicago-land area customers. For us it’s been a journey of growth, knowledge, skill and family. Thank you for allowing us to be your automated gate system experts for a quarter century.

When you hire a contractor with 33 years in the business, you’re hiring a team of individuals with unmatched experience. We’ve had 33 years to make mistakes and learn from them, to experiment with designs and perfect them, to encounter obstacles and master them. After 33 years, there is no guesswork. We have the skill to get it done right, the first time.