Gate Access Controls

When you want to complete your gate system with just the right combination of gate control accessories, Gate Options is your resource. That’s because we offer a wide array of gate controls for sale in Chicago, while providing the in-depth knowledge that helps you determine which products are right for you. Our professionals understand that deciding which type of gate access control best suits your system’s needs takes some thought and planning. Let us make the process easier for you!

The Quality Gate Access Controls That We Offer

Our catalog of access controls includes options designed to make using your gate simple and secure. Browse the following entry options, any of which we’d be happy to discuss with you:

  • Radio controls: The most basic and common method of entry, radio controls function similar to a garage door. A clicker makes access as simple as clicking a button. This method can also serve as a foundation for more complex control systems.
  • Telephone entry: When you want to verbally confirm that a guest may enter, you may prefer telephone entry. With this option, visitors hit a call button that rings inside your home. The gate opens only when you have granted access.
  • Keypad entry systems: With a keypad system, you allow guests to enter if and only if they know the appropriate code. This system may also be combined with telephone entry and/or remote entry as you wish.
  • Automated gate card readers: Automated gate card readers allow visitors access when they have the proper card. The system reads the card, recognizes it and opens the gate for entry.

Radio COntrols

Cellular Entry

Telephone entry

Card Readers

Keypad Entry

What to Consider When Shopping Gate Controls

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to go with radio controls, telephone entry or another gate control accessory, many factors have to be considered:


  • Would a card reader entry system be convenient for your employees, or is that exclusive entry system more hampering than helpful?
  • Are radio controls sufficient, or do you need additional methods of commanding your gate system?
  • Would a combination of methods make entry and exit effortless?

Additionally, you’ll want to take time to think about how you and others are accessing your property — such as guests, deliverymen and landscapers. With this in mind, what makes the most sense for your location and the way people come in and out of it? Each access option has its benefits and challenges. When you’re trying to make a choice, your project manager at Gate Options will be able to help you know what to pick.

At Gate Options, we’re committed to helping companies and homeowners find gates that fit their needs. Our gates are both attractive and affordable, and they can accommodate various entry options like those listed above. When you’re trying to determine which access controls are right for you, talk to us. Our team is happy to help you create just the right customized gate system at your site. Contact Us Today!