Commercial Gates

Backed by decades in the industry and a commitment to the highest safety standards, we’re proud to be the industry-leading custom gate suppliers in Chicago and throughout Northern Illinois.

As the commercial gate company Chicago businesses trust, Gate Options offers high-quality, customized, automated gates and fences to clients throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs. A full-service, industry-leading gate provider, we are a family-owned company with decades in the industry. Today, when it comes to installing commercial gates and fences, we have the equipment, personnel, and skills to give your business the best service. Whether you’re looking to boost security or add property value, we can help. From swing gates to parking barriers and everything in between, our commercial gates are a great option for improving your facility.

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A Solution-Oriented Approach to

Commercial Gates and Fences

For commercial, business and industrial sites, Gate Options is proud to address each new project with what we consider a challenge/solution approach. The way it works is simple: Our clients tell us their specific goals, presenting us with the unique challenge of meeting them, and we come up with effective and custom solutions, catered to their needs. Because we understand that no two projects are ever completely alike, we believe that no two solutions should ever be completely alike, either. Your facility might do best with slide gates, or it might need a vertical tilt gate — that’s what we can help you determine. We look at every new job — whether it’s for automated gates for commercial Chicago buildings, automated gates for business parks, or commercial gated systems — and design an option that will be particularly suited to that situation.

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At Gate Options, we recognize the added complexities, and often heightened security, that commercial and industrial sites in Chicago require. What’s more, We have decades of experience bidding on jobs and meeting various specifications within a specific budget — so today, we can put that experience to work for you on your automated gate system. We’re known throughout Chicagoland as the gate supply company that Chicago businesses of all kinds come to for quality, dependable, attractive automated gates — so when you need a commercial gate at your facility, come to us.


Our philosophy toward every project is one of goal, challenge and solution. Our clients tell us their goals, and we’re faced with the challenge of meeting them with an effective and custom solution. We encounter these types of projects every day: view our gallery that illustrate sites with unique requirements accommodated by creative solutions.

Our Commitment to the Highest Safety


We are able to design, install and repair automated gates of all kinds, and, when you come to us for a commercial gate, you know you’re getting an option that will meet the highest standards. We design our gate systems in accordance with industry standards for all types of systems. All of our gate operator installers are Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). If  your business requires safety precautions or security measures over and above these standards, we will work with you to piece together products and create a system that meets your needs.

As a commercial gate company, Gate Options helps companies address and meet their budgets while also being mindful of relevant aesthetic concerns. When you’re interested in adding a safe, reliable, durable, customized gate system to your location, let us know! Contact us today!