Driveway Gates

Give your business property the necessary security and value it needs by adding commercial driveway gates to your entrance. At Gate Options, we offer a variety of commercial gates and installation services to serve you. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or the suburbs, come to us for quality gates that are aesthetically pleasing and secure. In our catalog of commercial gates, we offer swing gates and slide gates, as well as vertical tilt gates and parking barriers, any of which could be the right fit for your location and its needs. We’ll customize a gate to you, creating a dramatic, secure entrance to your business site.

Types of Driveway Gates We Offer

Our customized, automated, commercial gates are a great way to improve your overall facility or location. From parking barriers to slide gates, we provide a variety of designs and styles of commercial driveway gates in order to accommodate different settings. Here are some of the types of gates we offer:

  • Swing Gates: Create a grand entrance with a swing gate that rotates 90 degrees to open and close for entrances. We custom-design swing gates to our customers’ specifications, providing a welcome to guests and a barrier against unauthorized visitors.
  • Slide Gates: In locations where there’s more horizontal space than vertical space, such as when a driveway slopes up or down from the entrance, a slide gate may make more sense than a swing gate. Slide gates also offer benefits in the harsh Chicago winters, as they don’t have to push against a driveway of heavy snowfall to open and shut.
  • Vertical Tilt Gates: Some settings won’t allow for any type of gate but a vertical tilt gate, which takes minimal space to open and close. These gates are also beneficial in winter, making mobility and plowing simpler.
  • Parking Barriers: Enjoy easy traffic control with a single parking barrier that can handle a high volume of traffic and prevent unauthorized access.

Whether you already know which sort of gate appeals to you or you want to talk with one of our experts about options, Gate Options is here to help you complete your property with skill.

Professional Commercial Driveway Gate Installation Service

What’s great about choosing Gate Options is in addition to providing gates, we install and service them. When you’ve chosen the gate you want installed at your commercial site, we can come to you and get it put in properly and efficiently. With our commercial driveway gate installation service, you can count on support from skilled, safety-trained installers who are certified through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).

Choose Gate Options

When you’re looking for the best in commercial driveway gates, Gate Options is your resource. We’re Chicagoland’s leading full-service automated gate system provider, known for our gates, installation services, repairs and upgrades. Gate Options is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We can design, install and service every system we sell. When you go with one of our gates, you know you’re getting a quality product from a top provider. Plus, our certified staff is fully trained in safety standards.

Interested in learning more about gates from Gate Options? Think your business could benefit from a driveway gate to mark its entrance? Talk to us today about gates and installation services, and let us help you!
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