Residential Gates

Backed by decades in the industry and a commitment to the highest safety standards, we’re proud to be the industry-leading custom gate suppliers in Chicago and throughout Northern Illinois.

Luxury, Privacy, and Security Gate Installation Services

Whether they’re placed around urban estates or luxury suburban homes, residential gate systems from Gate Options add the curb appeal, privacy, and security to Chicago-land homeowners. That’s why our industry-leading gate installation company is proud to provide a variety of residential fence gates that allow homeowners to maximize the value of their homes. From ornamental swing gates to slide gates, our automated gates for homes in Chicago are made to provide private property security you can count on, while also enriching the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Benefits of Our Residential Gates

The beauty of residential gates is that they offer so many advantages. From protection against vandalism to a way to complement a home’s architecture, residential gates add incredible value. Here are some of the perks that come from adding an automatic gate around your residential property:

  • Increased property security gates for homes
  • An immediate visual and physical deterrent to unauthorized guests
  • Enhanced property aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Complement to your landscaping and architecture
  • The perfect finishing touch for a home’s exterior style
  • Various styles and options to accommodate your tastes





The Home Gate Supply Company Chicago Homeowners Trust

From Lincoln Park to Hindale to Barrington, Gate Options provides custom gates that combine security with attractive design for your home. We help you retain the beauty of an estate while also keeping out unauthorized visitors. Privacy and security increases as property aesthetics and value are enhanced. As the residential gate company that Chicago homeowners have come to for decades to find the best in residential gate systems, Gate Options is your one-stop resource for design, installation, service, and upgrades on automated gates of all kinds.

Our Team of Expert Technicians

Part of what makes Gate Options such a distinct gate supplier is our highly qualified team of certified installers and technicians. On every project, our technicians are careful to design and install a residential gate appropriately, relative to its intended use and need. If security is a great concern for your home, for example, we can install electromagnetic locks. Battery backup is always available if the gate otherwise loses power, and a variety of access control options — such as card readers, phone entry and keypads — are available to ensure that the most convenient access to your home is possible. When you get a residential gate installed by our experts, you can rest easy that the security of your gate will be difficult to breach.

Are you interested in adding a residential gate to your home? Review our photo galleries to decide which gate is the perfect fit for your lifestyle — or get in touch with us to learn more!

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