Automated Gates 101


While we refer to the systems we install as “automated” gate systems, in reality they are not. In order to open or close a gate, it must be commanded to do so either via remote, sensor, keypad or card reader. It’s much like your garage door opener in that it works on command and only allows entry or exit when you permit it to do so, which adds yet another layer to your home’s security. With a gate in place, strangers and visitors get no closer to your front door than the end of your driveway unless you permit them otherwise.

Reverse/hold vehicle loop sensors can be installed to ensure that the gates do not close on vehicles near or passing through them while in motion. Free exit vehicle loop sensors can also be installed as an additional egress device. For a more complete picture of what this can look like, see the drawing at the bottom of the page.

The complexity of your system is dependent upon what kind of traffic it will see, its security level and the size of the gate itself. Each gate system we install is custom designed for each client and location. Your project manager will evaluate your needs and construct a system accordingly.

Our company provides all electronic system hardware and the gate itself. Any necessary electrical hook-up, phone line extensions or masonry work are beyond our expertise and capability. Other contractors are needed for these services, if needed. We’re happy to coordinate with these companies as needed, but most arrangements are the responsibility of the homeowner.

The cost of gate systems vary as much as their construction – no two systems share the exact same price. We don’t offer any “package deals” to certain price points. Also, materials used to construct the gate itself vary with the market, and due to this variable, proposals are valid for 30 days.

Most projects, however, do follow the same broad pricing structure: the cost of the electrical “system” components, the cost of the gate itself, and the cost of work from other contractors (this is not included in our proposal). Basic residential gate systems start around $2,500.

Reverse/hold vehicle loop sensors