Ornamental Swing Gates

Gate Options offers a variety of residential ornamental swing gates to outfit your property, from ornamental iron gates to aluminum swing gates.


Gate Options offers a variety of residential ornamental swing gates to outfit your property, from ornamental iron gates to aluminum swing gates. Depending on your style and material preferences, we connect you with just the right option, whether it’s iron, aluminum, or steel swing gates for homes that you need. Whatever swing gates are the best fit for you, when buying from Gate Options, you know you’re getting an automated gate that will provide attractive security for years to come. We have a long history of working with residences of all sizes and styles, so we can create just the right gate for your needs. When you’re looking for a way to boost curb appeal, increase security, and control access in and out of your property, come to the experts at Gate Options.

ORNAMENTAL Swing Gates We Offer

When it comes to residential gate systems, the most popular materials used are typically ornamental iron, steel or aluminum, all of which enhance aesthetics and security at a home. Iron allows for intricate and completely custom designs, while aluminum and steel designs typically replicate more basic iron models at a lesser cost. No matter the material used, swing gates provide attractive security and value. When used in conjunction with a perimeter fence, your gate can ensure that traffic to and from your home is completely controlled.

What to Know about Automated Gates

Despite what their name suggests, automated gates don’t work completely independently. They require remote, sensor, keypad, or card-reader entry. Because they only work on command, they prevent unauthorized access and increase security at a home. How complex your specific system is depends upon traffic, gate size, and desired security level. At Gate Options, each system is custom designed to your specifications. Learn more about automated gates here.

Ornamental Swing Gates for Homes, Apartment Complexes, and More

From large residential estates to small homes, ornamental gates are a wise investment. Swing gates create a grand entrance for guests and a security barrier for everyone else. In fact, it’s not just private residences that can benefit from this security feature. Add ornamental swing gates to your apartment complex, condo community, or luxury subdivision to create an added sense of prestige, security, and quality.

Are you interested in installing a residential gate at your property? Get in touch with us. As part of the residential gate installation process, we’ll talk with you about the specifics of your project, help you choose a gate and system design, give you a proposal to sign, schedule installation, prepare the job site, and put in your new system. From beginning to end, Gate Options is the full-service automated gate system provider that works with you to ensure you get the residential gates you’ve desired.

Contact us today to learn more, and see the gallery below for specific samples of ornamental gates and entryways!