Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission to install an automated gate at my home?

Possibly. Be sure to call or check your city, township or county’s website for permit requirements and costs. Most communities do require a permit for any type of gate or fence construction. Also be sure to investigate possible style and/or height restriction enforced by your HOA or municipality. Our project managers are trained to be familiar with the codes in your area if you should have any questions or need guidance.

How much maintenance can I expect?

Maintenance varies by system type, traffic volume and gate size. Each product installed comes with an owner’s manual that details appropriate maintenance schedules and methods. Also, as part of purchasing from us, Gate Options puts together a custom maintenance agreement for each customer, which is tailored to the needs of each particular system. Much like an oil change or tire rotation for your car, these are intermittent check-ups to make sure everything in your gate system is working properly. Service charges are also outlined in this agreement.

Why is weatherizing such an important component?

Like any other appliance for your home or business, your gate system is sensitive to extreme temperatures and moisture. Without proper protection, wires can easily short out or break, which can cause widespread and costly damage to your system. Gate Options installs each system to withstand frost, snow, excessive moisture and high heat indexes. It’s part of what makes our gate systems so dependable, and it’s something we take care of for you.